About Us

Vision Statement

The vision of Main St. Day Spa is to create a professional and long-term healthy partnership in a caring, comfortable and safe environment with our clients. At Main St. Day Spa, we strive to know you by name, and to treat you as an individual with the highest level of respect.


Our Mission at Main St. Day Spa is to spread the power and healing touch of massage therapy, and other natural beauty and healing concepts to all. We make it a priority to provide authentic, unique, and customized therapy at a personal level to everyone at affordable price. Our services focus on pain management, relaxation and beauty in a professional manner. We are committed to excellence and exceeding the expectations of our clients.


At our facility, the health and well-being of our customers comes first. As a team, we are dedicated to serving our customers in the utmost professional manner.

We are here to inspire clients to gain self-awareness, relaxation, flexibility, mobility, and balance within their bodies and minds through the benefits of customized therapy beauty treatments.

To ensure proper services to our customers, all therapists and staff must pass in-house training and qualification background screenings. All staff are independent contractor and hold a certification and/or license  to practice. To ensure quality services, only a therapist who has a clear background, holds a state/national license and has passed the in-house selections and training will be offered employment at our facility.

Ethics / Professional Conduct

As a team, we conduct ourselves in a professional and ethical manner and perform only those services for which we are qualified and represent in our education, certification, and professional affiliations honestly. We will uphold and follow the Code of Ethics of American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP), International Thai Therapists Association (ITTA) and National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

With a high level of commitment, pride and discipline, the management team will make sure that all therapists and/or any staffs who are employed at Main St. Day Spa  will follow all of the affiliated Code of Ethics. All of our therapists and/or staff are mandated to follow the House Rules of Business Practices, all Code of Ethics, and legal responsibilities required by law.

Client Confidentiality

To provide appropriate, effective, safe therapy sessions, it is vital to disclose all current medical conditions, treatments, medications or supplements with your therapist. This information will help your therapist determine what therapeutic treatments will be appropriate and most beneficial to your well-being. Your contact information will never not be shared or sold.

Consent Forms

All clients need to fill out information (intake) and other related consent forms. For massage on minors, the intake form will need to be signed by the parent or guardian.