Top Five Reasons Why You Deserve A Trip To The Spa

You know you will always deserve a spa treatment, so why doubt about it now? Perhaps the tough economy is making you think that spa treatments are a luxury you cannot afford at this time. Do you think it is one of those inessential splurges that other people talk about? More than the financial aspect of cutting down on costs, there are still a couple of reasons why a treat to the spa becomes more beneficial.

Here are the top five benefits of taking a trip down the spa:

Reduces Stress
Getting a regular massage can help reduce the harmful effects of stress on your body. More importantly, women who get a massage at least twice a month can expect normalized hormone levels, bringing their blood pressure to the normal level.

Immunity boost
When coupled with a healthy diet and regular exercise, massage treatments can help boost your immunity, allowing those disease fighting cells to get enough energy. Patients suffering from breast cancer can truly benefit from the regular massages that they get as it allows their body to become healthier.

Pain Relief
Whether it is a headache you’re complaining about or muscular pain or maybe even labor pains, massages have been found to help reduce and relieve such types of pain. A one hour massage could make such a difference in your daily life.

Boosts Good Mood
Have you been feeling cranky lately? A relaxing visit to the spa can help you boost happy hormones, allowing you to feel better and think better. Massages are known to boost dopamine and serotonin – also known as happy hormones.

It saves you from PMS
Mood swings and pain are just two of the many things that women suffer from due to PMS. With regular massage, all of these can be taken down a level if not totally erased from your regular routine. You’d be surprised you won’t have to feel happy one minute and angry the next.

Perhaps these benefits might surprise you too. You’ll be able to read about how the spa allows you to achieve a healthier body and enough strength to get you through another day at the office or at home.

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